How can I help you?

Functional Nutrition focuses on the underlying causes of symptoms in the body and corrects them through a nourishing whole foods based diet and lifestyle factors. I may use therapeutic supplements, microbiome and/or food laboratory testing (where needed). I am also happy to work alongside your doctor, if that works for you.

I work in person in central Auckland, and online via Zoom or Skype.

By examining possible deficiencies, restoring healthy digestion, balancing blood sugar, addressing food sensitivities, and detoxifying the body, I work to help your body heal and restore the health and vitality you seek.

 Living a vital, genuinely balanced  life begins with overcoming all of the nutrition “noise”, understanding how our bodies work, and why certain foods fuel us better than others. Learning to listen to your body’s individual needs is a journey that will lead you to a place of health and wellness like none you’ve experienced.


Functional Nutrition

Free Discovery Call - 15 min

A free ‘Get-To-Know’ Chat. Let’s make sure we are a good fit!

Initial Consultation - 90 min

Together we review your Initial Health Questionnaire, your Food Journal with dietary recommendations. We also talk through your Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. This is a detailed consultation to get a picture of where you are today and start to uncover the root of your health concerns.
I will often get my clients to do a complete gut profile stool test, and if needed, an ALCAT food sensitivity test in some circumstances.  $170. Lab testing priced separately.

Follow Up (existing only) - 60 min / 30 min

60 min - Review your progress or lab results $125
30 min - Protocol changes or supplement requirements (not for labs) $70

Functional Evaluation (in person) - 60 min

On practitioner request. $140

This involves establishing baseline factors such as pulse, blood pressure, and through reflex points a testing of specific organ inflammation.

Online Program

2 week Detox Program – coming soon

Bloat? Low energy? Weight issues? Sugar cravings?
Download your own two week rebalancing diet to get into straight away! This includes knowledge about your own bodies foundations – digestion, blood sugar, fats, minerals and hydration! It includes information on healing foods and some easy to prepare recipes. Access to a supportive closed Facebook page is also included. Give your body that boost it’s been craving and feel the difference from your own home. $199


“Gabrielle was great at helping my son feel at ease when talking about his condition (juvenile idiopathic arthritis). She did a thorough assessment and provided excellent recommendations for dietary changes, including some recipes to try”